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FROM THE DESK OF THE Managing Director

We are one of the leading educational consultants for higher studies in India, Philippines, Europe, China, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, and USA working since 2005.

Till date, we have sent several students abroad for Medical, Engineering and MBA courses..

Most of the students have successfully completed their studies and come back to India pursuing a bright career while a good number of them are working overseas.

We are authorize representative of Zhengzhou Medical University ,Capital Medical University , Jiamusi Medical University , Jiangsu Medical University , Southeast Medical University , Anhui Medical University, HUST ,Our Ldy Fatima University Manila, Purpetual Help -Manila, Cagyan & Pangsinan Medical University -Philippines, Crimea State Medical University , Asian Medical Univwrsity -Kryzgstan , other Russian Govt Medical Universities. As well as we also promoting MBA, PGDM, B.Tech, M.Tech, program of Philippines, Nepal, Europe, China, USA, India and other countries some reputed Institutes.

Growing From Strength To strength year after year, we are now in a position to provide consultancy, assistance and admission to prestigious medical university of not less then four different countries. They include China, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Philippines..

Satisfaction writ large on the faces of students and guardians speak for the quality of service we provide our relationship though them does not end with the contract but runs through their whole course and even afterwards.

My long association with educational and related activities have helped  me understand the needs of the students better. As a Management Graduate I know all things my side, how we work and associate with any student, parents, as well as Institutes.

Further, my background as a Management Graduate and head of export-import concern, and pharmaceutical company dealing in India, China, and European Countries ,rather then being a handicap or pressure on time, have only widened my perspective to look after the needs of the students in better manner.

I have no doubt that we shall get your co-operation as usual. Your suggestions for improvement are always welcome

Manish Srivastava

Managing Director & Chief Consultant


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24 Hr Helpline No
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